SIR – Re the letter by Pauline Burgess ‘Eateries around here seem to like vegans’ (Worcester News, March 26).

Can I inform her that there is no charity with the name Vegetarians International voice for animals.

To save any further waste of newsprint Ms Burgess might check this with the Charity Commission.

The point that a minority of vegans want to force their doctrine on us all is too obvious.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation – also known as VIVA – make the wild claim that eating any meat, fish or dairy products is “destroying the earth”.

They also say that they must continue to “launch hard-hitting campaigns and force the vegetarian and vegan debate back on the agenda”.

Both quotes clearly expose an aggressive ideology that is not up for any form of debate.

However, I am glad to hear from Ms Burgess there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in this area that “welcome vegans”.

A clear sign of understanding and tolerance for a small minority by the vast majority. Perhaps in a reciprocal arrangement vegan establishments might offer a few meat, fish or poultry dishes to attract a wider clientele.