SIR – Re the letter by Peter Talbot ‘I used to be a big fan of horseracing...’ (Worcester News, June 13).

Worcester Racecourse provides excellent entertainment to the public in general, you only have to attend on such events as families’ day, ladies’ day or senior citizens’ days to see the large crowds of people from all walks of life enjoying the spectacle of a day’s racing.

As in all sports there are the inevitable casualties, however, if you have ever ridden a horse you will know that it is not possible to make a horse do anything it does not want to do.

Have you ever noticed how a riderless horse will continue to race, including taking the jumps in front of it? Just maybe that horse is enjoying the event as much as the spectators.

As far as breeding horses unnecessarily goes, I think you will find that responsible breeders will only breed from viable males.

The male horses that are not thought to be of the right quality are gelded.

Many horses that are bred for racing and do not make the grade often go to the police, the military, to one of the many riding schools up and down the country or into private ownership and become hunter/chasers.

I would call into question any information regarding the welfare of the horse population from any organisations who actively support wanton vandalism in the name of animal protection.

Jenny Cheshire and her team at Worcester Racecourse are to be congratulated in the efforts they make not only on race days but in the support of local charities and in the promotion of local business.