SIR – Re Peter Talbot’s letter (Worcester News, June 13), which is misleading regarding horseracing.

He quotes various figures from the animal rights pressure group Animal Aid but these numbers just don’t tally.

Mr Talbot claims “18,000” foals are born into the racing industry in both Britain and Ireland while Animal Aid says the number is actually 12,000.

This seriously brings into question the remainder of the allegations made against racing by Mr Talbot.

Those with the slightest contact with racing will know there are sadly a comparatively small number of fatal incidents at race meetings.

No one, including the once keen racing fan Mr Talbot, can claim to have no knowledge of such happenings and to suggest it suddenly appeared to them as some form of revelation is absurd.

The various authorities in the racing world have made great strides in improving safety over the years and their efforts must continue.

Describing Animal Aid as a pressure group is not beyond reason, they wish to prevent the eating of all meat, dairy products and fish, the wearing of wool and leather, any sport or entertainment that includes animals, such as horseracing or angling.

The chief executive of Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, has even made clear his absolute desire to end the keeping of domestic pets.

So just think if Animal Aid ruled the world, not only would you not be allowed to enjoy your Sunday roast but there’ll be no taking the dog for a walk to the pub beforehand.