SIR – Maxine Burgess (Worcester News, June 26) makes a number of allegations regarding horse racing that fail to stand up.

To begin with jockeys are certainly not allowed to wear spurs and the use of the regulation padded whip is strictly limited. Any rider transgressing these rules will rightly receive a ban from racing and a large fine.

Ms Burgess suggests retired and less competitive race horses are being sold to “second rate riding schools/trekking centres”.

If these animals are not getting proper veterinary or farrier care, if their feeding and stabling falls below acceptable standards then why has Ms Burgess not demanded the intervention of RSPCA and Trading Standards officers to give advice or take criminal action against the owners of such establishments?

If the evidence is there Maxine Burgess is duty bound to make it available to the authorities, they cannot act if Ms Burgess just complains in the letters column of the Worcester News.

It would help if Ms Burgess made clear in this newspaper any agenda she has regarding animal rights.

This might enlighten us over the reasons for so much of her correspondence.