SIR – I very much enjoyed reading the article in the Worcester News about the Rev David Southall and his ‘good news’ blog from Worcestershire Hospitals.

This article was very timely for me as I planned to write to the Worcester News to say a huge thank you to Jane Brassington and her team at the early pregnancy unit (EPU) at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

I am four months’ pregnant and after a series of miscarriages over the years this is the furthest I’ve gone and the department’s care was exemplary.

I was offered scans at six, eight and 10 weeks before my official 12-week scan to ensure that all was going well with my pregnancy along with regular check-ups, and was able to call at any time and speak to a nurse or midwife with any concerns or queries I had, no matter how small they were.

As the article said, we hear such horror stories about mistakes and blunders in our hospitals and NHS system that it is all too easy to lose sight of the good care and treatment that patients receive.

I will be sending my ‘good news’ story to Mr Southall for his blog.