SIR – Although I do not live in either Warndon or Warndon Villages, I feel I must respond to Councillor Andy Roberts’ outrageous remarks (Worcester News, August 17).

To say that people living in Warndon or Warndon Villages are “worlds apart”

because residents in Warndon Villages have a longer life expectancy than those living in Warndon is beyond belief and because of this he feels it necessary to change the name of Warndon Villages to something more appropriate – possibly Trotshill Parish North.

Come off it, Coun Roberts, just admit it, you and your so-called upper class residents of Warndon Village just think yourselves better than those living just a few yards down the road when we all know every area in Worcester has a mixture of residents.

For him to say “Warndon Parishes is one of the most affluent areas of the city but Warndon is quite different”

beggars belief. He should no longer be a councillor.