SIR - Like me, many readers may have seen and been alarmed by the media coverage about the apparent increase in fur sales in the UK.

There have also been reports showing that consumers are confused about the presence of fake fur in high street shops and some may be purchasing items made or trimmed with real fur believing the fur to be fake.

Recent advances in the quality and look of fake fur make it difficult to tell the difference between items made with fake fur and those made with real fur.

Real fur can cost the same as fake so price is no guide.

Respect for Animals would ask everyone if they are in any doubt as to whether something is made from fake or real fur just not to buy it. Fur is cruel and unnecessary and if people stop buying real fur the animals will stop suffering and dying.

Particularly during this season of goodwill please give the animals are given the benefit of the doubt.

Mandy Carter, Respect For Animals, Nottingham.