SIR – I am saddened to read that a number of Canada geese were shot simply because they were deemed to be a nuisance by golfers (Worcester News, September 6).

What a horribly intolerant decision to kill these birds when it was the creation of their perfect habitat that brought them there.

Unfortunately for the golf club [at Bransford], the cull may also have been illegal.

Under the terms of the general licence, Canada geese can be killed “to preserve public health or safety”, to “conserve flora and fauna”

and “to prevent serious damage or disease”.

Having to clean golf balls is not a good enough reason to kill the birds and I believe the shooters were in breach of the law.

The golf club’s manager may wish to order Animal Aid’s report Alternatives to Culling which gives practical advice and information for people wishing to humanely deter certain species.

It is available to all free of charge. In the meantime, I shall report the suspected legal breach to Natural England.


Head of campaigns, Animal Aid