SIR – It’s nice to see that letter writer Jon Burgess is dishing out his animal killing propaganda yet again’ Canada geese have become pests’ (Worcester News, September 18).

Mr Burgess mocks the very knowledge that Kate Fowler (of Animal Aid) has on animal welfare.

Mr Burgess likes to dish out his facts about conservation, ecology and politics as a shield to hide behind his blinkered views of man’s arrogance towards killing animals because they simply "get in the way".

It sickens me, how many people share the same, dated views as Mr Burgess in 2013.

The fact of the matter being is that these geese have been killed because they (or their excrement, more like) has caused an inconvenience to golf play.

Oh, how irresponsible of these birds to use their natural feeding ground as a toilet and wreck a recreational sport played by man.

It’s also nice to see that expert marksmen have left a weapon unattended for any Tom, Dick or Harry to play with (Worcester News, September 6). The mind boggles.

Birds, foxes, cats and squirrels use my garden as a toilet. This prevents me from playing football with the children. Should I shoot them too?