SIR – Had Simon McCullough (Worcester News, September 26) read my correspondence properly he would note I did not “mock” Kate Fowler of Animal Aid.

I pointed out the fact that Ms Fowler lacks the basic knowledge of Canada geese and the general licence issued by Natural England to control them.

She seemed far more concerned with the issues of animal rights than real welfare.

Mr McCullough clearly accepts the importance of “conservation” and “ecology” but then refuses to accept their application when it comes to looking after our countryside.

He might disagree with pest control, but admits he can’t allow his children to play where grey squirrels and possibly rats defecate.

Very wise as they carry the deadly Weils disease, had a hundred rats been culled by poison it’s very doubtful this exchange of views would be taking place.

As to the allegation of a firearm being abandoned by someone engaged to shoot the geese, each weapon carries a serial number which is listed on the police firearms database and the owners licence. Once traced the owner of this gun would rightly have their firearms removed, licence revoked, followed by an appearance in court.