SIR – On the subject of conservation Simon McCullough (Worcester News, October 9) accuses me of being a “religious extremist” and “arrogant or deluded” if I don’t agree with him.

A fine contribution to a debate that should be based on solid evidence and science.

Certainly the environment must be protected, it’s our home and cannot be replaced.

The landscape of Britain is almost all derived from human intervention.

We have managed this land for millennium, the clock cannot be turned back.

Numerous species of fauna and flora have become very dependent on us for survival.

Some, like roe deer, have bred to such an extent where numbers endanger their own long term future along with other animals and plants as they consume most of the vegetation around.

In a purely natural environment, bear, wolf and lynx control deer numbers.

We don’t have these predators so culling with a rifle is the only alternative.

Maybe Mr McCullough might instruct us over what’s best for the deer, death by starvation, bear or bullet.

Canada geese , a non-native species, are now classed as a pest.

Controlling numbers at a reasonable level is about maintaining habitat for a wide variety of other creatures.

By selectively culling the geese other vulnerable species can be protected along with valuable habitat which maintains biodiversity.

Let’s use some sound common sense to keep the balance of nature rather than Mr McCullough’s self proclaimed “ideology” of animal rights.