SIR – I am writing to express my concern and disbelief at the decision to extend the badger cull by a further three weeks.

The Government admits that there was a smaller badger population in the Gloucestershire and Somerset area than originally anticipated.

If there are fewer badgers then why extend the cull to kill even more?

Nobody knows the true badger population.

Propagandasuggestedan explosion in badger population. If the latest figures of a reduced population are to be believed then there is no reason whatsoever to extend the cull. The cull is idiotic and is a total farce, costing us millions. Vaccination is more humane and will prevent these creatures from becoming extinct.

Ok, the only available vaccine is an injectable form which requires badgers to be trapped in cages so they can be administered the vaccine.

But new evidence shows that shooting badgers is proving to be difficult.

Badgers are being trapped and shot in the cages instead. If badgers can be trapped and shot then why can’t they be trapped and vaccinated instead?

The extension of the badger cull trial shows that the Government’s approach is flawed, which is hardly surprising when it is not even based on any scientific evidence.

There is now a real danger that even longer trials could potentially spread the disease due to the fleeing of badgers.

The NFU and Defra are victimising the badger population, yet it is the badger who is the victim.

Bovine TB was spread among the movement of cattle through the intensive environment of dairy farming. Unfortunately, the badger has become a recipient of the disease. And as usual, the NFU have put the blame on the poor badger in order to deflect the blame from where it truly lies.

Propaganda, arrogance, ignorance and greed.