SIR –Ronald Lee (Worcester News, November 28) writes in support of organic farming and as press officer for Worcester vegans and veggies believes in total animal rights.

Mr Lee claims vegans are rapidly increasing in this country but independent figures show their numbers actually remain stagnant at one third of one per cent.

He asserts organic farming without livestock can feed our nation.

Growing crops organically means no artificial fertiliser.

The only replacement for chemical fertiliser is farmyard manure, produced by the very livestock he wishes to ban from our countryside.

Mr Lee insists a vegan diet needs less land. This concept is fundamentally flawed when the massive acreage of upland Britain is taken out of the equation.

These huge areas cannot sustain any arable farming and are only suitable for producing grass to raise sheep and cattle.

The idea that this country can simply abandon two thirds of its agricultural land and survive on an organically produced vegan diet is simply ‘veggie pie in the sky’.