SIR – As a former resident of Worcester and one who likes to keep up to date with articles in the Worcester News I was concerned about the contents in the article written by Mark Garnier MP.

He says that we have all suffered together from the pain imposed upon us by the Coalition government.

This clearly is untrue since the rich and privileged have suffered very little compared to the poor and vulnerable targeted by the government.

Another inaccuracy is the implication that the current financial mess is the fault of the previous government.

Yes, they bailed the banks out and made the ordinary person pay for it but so did other governments throughout the world both of the right and left.

This article exemplifies the deception that the established parties are playing on a global scale to impoverish the nations and enrich a small elite at the pinnacle of the financial system.

The role played by the politicians is that of Aunt Sallys to divert ordinary and honest people from the essential truth of a corrupt and dishonest global financial system.

Spoil the ballot papers in large numbers and send a message to MPs they will not forget.