SIR – Do You Know Your Neighbours – this was the title of the Tonight programme on the other night.

Quite a few reasons were given for people not knowing their neighbours, such as being too busy with work, children, etc. The reason of “an unwillingness to help” did not come into it.

Maybe others can say whether other towns are different. However, someone I met years ago made the remark that Worcester people are “cliquey”.

This term used to commonly refer to a group of people who exclude others – you’ll often find this with mothers in school playgrounds.

If you don’t believe me, observe people next time you’re out and about – watch people getting onto a bus and see who is the first one to sit next to someone when there is an empty seat also available.

Or, if you have an emergency (not one that is life or death but still an emergency to you) and see how many people come out the woodwork to help.

There is a fine line between being selfish and helpful – just remember folks, “what goes around comes around’ so they say.