Robin Walker MP is quite correct that "people should know the source of their meat and have as much information about it as possible" ("Concern about media hype over halal meat", May 13th).

People should know, for instance, that of the almost one billion animals slaughtered for meat in this country every year, the vast majority are reared in appalling factory farm conditions.

They should also know that considerable suffering is caused in the transport of these animals to slaughterhouses and in the process of slaughter itself, with there being little difference in the pain and distress that is caused, whether halal or conventional methods are used.

What is particularly sad is that all this suffering and slaughter is totally unnecessary, because we can all live perfectly healthily without consuming meat or any other animal products, which would also be of benefit to the environment and our own health.

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Ronald Lee

Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies