SIR - It is obvious that neither I Wilson or B Harris (Letters, January 9) are acquainted with the Hunting Act 2004 or have any idea what has happened since it came into force.

Thankfully, hounds have not been put down but this is in spite of the ban and not because of it.

Since 2004, country people and the hunting community have been determined to keep their traditions and way of life intact.

With increasing public support and more people than ever actually following hounds, hunting is certainly not in decline. In fact two new packs have been formed and several have built new kennels.

Support for the hunting ban is at an all time low. A recent independent poll conducted by ORB showed that only 29 per cent believe the Act is working.

In 2004 many wondered if hunting would survive, now it's a case of how long will the Hunting Act survive?

Jon Burgess, Malvern.