Sir - I too have had a similar experience to Gary Kibblewhite ("He broke the poor pigeon's neck", July 2nd) with regard to the callous attitude of some of those involved in pigeon racing.

I found an exhausted racing pigeon in my garden and after using the ring number to obtain his details from the Pigeon Racing Association, I called the "owner", who immediately told me to "wring the bird's neck" because the pigeon was "no use" to him.

I told this disgraceful character what I thought of him in no uncertain terms and then set about finding a rescue organisation to take the bird, which is what I would advise others to do, if they find racing pigeons in similar situations.

Sadly, this appalling treatment of animals used for racing does not just apply to pigeons, but also to greyhounds and horses, who are slaughtered in their thousands if found to be unsuitable for racing or when their "careers" on the tracks come to an end.

Members of the public can help prevent this by not attending or betting on horse or greyhound racing, so these death-industries die out through lack of financial support.

Peter Talbot