Sir - Not for the first time, John Phillpott is calling for a statute of limitations regarding events that happened a long time ago citing a “miserable procession of once-famous men appearing before the courts accused of committing ‘historic’ sexual offences.” (John Phillpott, Worcester News July 5).

I take it that we can still rely on our courts and juries where evidence has to prove guilt to be beyond any reasonable doubt to convict, and not as Mr Phillpott blithely asserts, based on “events that happened so long ago that no one could accurately – or honestly – recall them with any clarity.”

If he has Rolf Harris in mind, could I remind him that one of Harris’ victims was aged eight years. I have young grandchildren and so does John Phillpott. The whole point of these prosecutions is to make it clear to anyone who thinks that they can get away with molesting young people and children by exercising power and making threats is that they are wrong and will have nowhere to hide for the whole of their lives. Our young people and children are entitled to the protection that this deterrent provides.

Peter Nielsen