SIR - Why is John Burgess (Worcester News, July 2) having a go at the Peta organisation because they have to euthanise so many animals at their sanctuaries.

It's the irresponsible pet owners who continue to breed from their animals that cause the problem.

Peta are just trying to do their best with a bad situation.

If Mr Burgess feels so strongly about the plight of animals having to be put to sleep simply because there aren't enough good homes for them I suggest he stops looking up the incomes of people in Virginia USA and campaigns to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets, as Peta do!

As for the factory farming of chickens, I don't think there is anyone from a meat eater to a vegan who doesn't know there can be no animal welfare for birds who are living in cramped, dark conditions who can never feel the sun on their faces.

As a nation of animal lovers we must all try to stop the spread of factory farming.