Sir - Droitwich has had yet another traveller invasion as have Worcester and Malvern.

As the last caravan disappeared down the A38 up rides Sir Peter Luff announcing through your newspaper (30th June 2014) that something must be done.

I seem to recall that he and fellow politicians were challenged last year to tell us how they were going to put an end to this law breaking but we heard nothing until now so we can safely assume that he and his fellow politicians have done nothing.

Politicians have chosen to preserve the traveller way of life but have not provided the means of supporting it.

If Mr Luff has got his facts right no local authority need provide sufficient transit sites as they can open up parks and recreation areas for travellers wishing them a happy stay and asking them to move on after four weeks.

Their only expense is clearing up the site and that is paid by the tax payer. If you are a farmer and suffer an invasion because the travellers can find nowhere to camp you pay the costs of eviction and clear up and if you do not you are prosecuted by the local authority.

After 20 years as an M.P. with no action I do not hold out much hope of change from Mr. Luff.

John Lumsdon