SIR - Yet again we are treated to the facts about life, the universe and hunting according to Jon Burgess (Letters, January 8). The Hunting Act most certainly was about improving animal welfare with a clear intention to prevent the prolonged pursuit and cruel slaughter of foxes, deer and hares.

That that hasn't yet been accomplished is due to a number of reasons: a lack of commitment and resources by the police and less than clear provisions within the Act being just two of them.

But primarily the legislation isn't working very well because, despite repeated claims over many years to be law-abiding', many hunts are showing their true colours and choosing to ignore it.

The good news for those that do care about animal welfare and democracy is that some are being caught and prosecuted.

The law as it stands needs strengthening and enforcing but is only needed because some people still delight in seeking out and watching the violent and bloody death of an animal. Why? Well, that's a question that defeats me.

Maurice Brett, Bromsgrove.