Sir - Clearly Maxine Burgess (Worcester News 10th July ) has little idea about the American organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

They are fundamentally an animal rights organisation. Animal welfare does not seem to be their priority. They do not operate "sanctuaries" for animals as Ms Burgess believes and they do not have an animal shelter, as admitted by their own staff.

Two of their operatives confessed to killing dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in the back of a van. They then illegally dumped the carcasses in a skip.

These animals were healthy according to the vet who passed them into the so called care of PETA.

With it's massive income, political influence and host of celebrity supporters, it's PETA who are not doing enough to promote animal welfare and the spaying of family pets.

Maxine Burgess shows an incredible lack of knowledge regarding animal husbandry and simple economics.

Broiler chickens are not kept in the "dark" as she states because they would not be able to find any food or water and so die. The farmer would lose his income and rightly find himself in court charged with cruelty.

Jon Burgess