Sir - I ask myself who is Jon Burgess of Malvern.

Does he spend his life contriving his next attack on the institutions and organisations of animal welfare.

I visualize him after a feast of a steak dinner thanking God that he isn't a vegan and contemplating what issue shall be his next target or issue of declared commitment. If it isn't meat, or PETA, it's hunting.

No doubt he would be on 24 hour standby to deprecate anyone or any issue that his radar detects as threatening the carnivorous status quo or challenging some 'right' of people to have a happy day out blasting creatures from the sky or chasing them to an early death with a pack of hounds.

Such subjects have featured in his letters to local newspapers. Recently PETA seems to be his pet subject.

Recently still steaming hot from his industrious word processor is his latest statistically orientated missile attack on the their integrity because it appears they have to euthenised a disappointingly large number of domestic animals because the reality is they simply have a lack of space or adopters and are overwhelmed by the numbers coming into their care.

Lets get this into context. Many animal welfare organisations have had to do this and if they do it too much then Mr. Burgess, or anyone else, is quite entitled to question it.

It is heart-rending and depressing just as much for the people working there as for the wider community.

But it does not detract from the good work they all do and the lot of animals would be far worse without them.

Andrew Brown