Sir - In his letter (Worcester News 11th July) Ronald Lee of Worcester Vegans and Veggies carefully avoids mentioning People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, although this organisation is central to this topic of correspondence.

He implies genuine animal welfare charities in this country are euthanising up to ninety percent of the animals their care. Perhaps he will substantiate this allegation with some solid evidence.

The double standards of PETA are incredible, it's founder Ingrid Newkirk is hardened supporter of extreme animal rights.

As for the mishandling or ill treatment of poultry during transport and slaughter, this is plainly wrong and not acceptable. Maybe PETA could use some of the vast income to prosecute any wrong doing. Mr Lee states "it's possible to live healthily on a vegan diet". This is might be true but it does seem to bring on a form of confrontational food fascism.

Jon Burgess