Sir - Replying to the letter from Andrew Brown (Worcester News 17th July). It must be pointed out that Mr Brown has recently shown an utter lack of compassion the Jewish people and contempt for our farmers by describing British livestock farms as "a holocaust".

After trivialising the fate of 6 million people at the hands of the Nazis his personal attack on myself is not worth any consideration.

During this ongoing debate the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been much in evidence. This is down to the unavoidable fact this American company operate a regime of double standards. In the simplest terms PETA support fundamental animal rights but at the same time kill pets that could be re-homed.

This hypocrisy also appears with Worcester Vegans and Veggies. Their press officer Ronald Lee represents milk drinking, egg eating, vegetarians. Then he has to condemn milk and egg producers because his vegan members oppose such farming. All very confusing for Mr Lee.

Within the senior ranks of the RSPCA there are those who openly seek to close down the 'Freedom Food' welfare label.

Such an action is not going to improve the welfare of one dairy cow or chicken.

Finally if Mr Brown follows a vegan, vegetarian, omnivores or even carnivores diet no one has the right to interfere with this choice. Perhaps he might offer the rest of us the same courtesy.

Jon Burgess