SIR - Stalking fox Thursday, August 7.

I would like to say how sad to hear a fox once again was so badly injured it had to be put to sleep.

Foxes aren't usually aggressive. They would rather run away than confront people.

I have said before I have been feeding foxes for about five years now. Many different ones some skin and bone when they come to eat and drink. Dog food I put out. I have stood on my door step and watched them feed.

They come into the towns now because there is no food for them. Man has made sure of that. These lovely animals are always getting a bad press.

The poor fox that was aggressive was probably in a lot of pain from the terrible injuries.

That foaming at the mouth was probably its own saliva because it had a broken jaw. Some mad motorist probably going too fast in a built up street did not bother to slow when the fox was crossing. We see it all the time.

The fox is a lovely animal as are all animals. Be careful when driving, look out for them crossing roads at night . Be a bit more careful.