Sir - From her remarks Roberta Balfour (Worcester News 10/9/14)) is confused regarding the live export of sheep.

Should the UK government ban this trade they will inevitably face legal action from the companies involved. Ms Balfour claims that our government is ''ignoring EU higher welfare standards".

If she has any evidence at all that this is the case then surely Ms Balfour must inform the relevant authorities such as trading standards and if needs be seek assistance from the RSPCA.

Many people with the same views of Ms Balfour have failed to understand that 'gold plated' EU regulations have virtually wiped the small family run abattoirs across the UK. This has naturally led to animals travelling greater distances than is desirable.

No one has addressed the shipping of livestock from the Scottish Isles to the mainland and onwards to market or slaughter.

The distances here well exceed a trip from the fields of Kent to an abattoir near Calais. Finally Ms Balfour should be congratulated for supporting "on the hook" British exports of lamb, beef, pork and presumably dairy products which are very much in demand world wide.

Jon Burgess