Sir - I refer to the article in the Worcester News on 3rd October in which MP Robin Walker revealed his opposition to the hunting ban, saying the Hunting Act had been a mistake.

He goes on to say "I just don't see this as a priority, it never comes up at my surgeries or on the doorsteps as an issue - there are much bigger concerns for people in Worcester." Yes, there are bigger concerns, so why is he the one obsessing about it?

He goes on to say "I don't see banning fox hunting as a priority". No, it is no longer a priority Mr Walker because it has already been banned! However, it would seem that Mr Walker's actual priority is to get the Hunting Act repealed. He says it is a bad piece of legislation. The only bad thing about it is that it didn't go far enough - it needs to be strengthened not repealed.

He also supports the badger cull which is unproven as an effective way to eradicate bovine TB - this speaks volumes about Mr Walker.

David Cameron is fighting hard to convince the Nation to vote for a Tory Government in 2015 with all the promised reforms he will make if the Tories are outright winners. All well and good, but if repealing the Hunting Act forms part of their manifesto as Robin Walker intimates, then the Tories can kiss goodbye to a great number of votes.

When will politicians get it? If they were to include true and positive animal welfare in their manifesto they would attract so many, many more votes!

C. Stanley