Sir -Both Mrs S Garner and C Stanley (Worcester News 10th October) condemned Robin Walker MP for his measured comments on the Hunting Act (2004).

Their use of phrases such as "fancy dress" and "cavort in the countryside" would suggest political motives rather than promoting animal welfare.

Mr Walker has obviously looked at this matter and understood it's not a priority for most people and is of no interest to the vast majority of his city constituents.

If it were of such great importance to them then perhaps Michael Foster would still be the MP for Worcester.

Mr Walker takes a view that the present ban is achieving nothing and therefore change is needed but this must be done with some care.

The Hunting Act was railroaded through Parliament as part of the old class war with no serious thought for animal welfare.

The Judiciary, Police and Crown Prosecution Service have had huge difficulty in interpreting this poorly drafted law.

This has cost the tax payer dearly and worst of all harmed animal welfare. Rather than simply repealing the hunting ban there is a clear need for principled legislation to be introduced.

This must be put together so any act of deliberate cruelty to a wild animal can be tried and test before the courts.

Living on a small densely populated island we must look to conserving and managing our countryside and wildlife for future generations while maintaining sound animal welfare.

At the moment the Hunting Act stands in the way of all this.

Jon Burgess