Sir - Yvonne Birchall (Worcester News 17th October) admits her fellow anti live export protestors shout and scream through megaphones and make threats to the drivers and their families.

She accepts they hit and kick the livestock lorries entering the Ramsgate Port but insists this horrendous noise doesn't distress the animals!

Ms Birchall claims the protesters do not cause the vehicles to swerve or brake heavily, thus endangering their own lives or the police there to supervise peaceful protest. She claims the lorries career at speed through a roundabout. Ms Birchall claims no protester has ever attempted to drag a driver from his moving truck. If this is true, why did they pull open his cab door and grab his leg?

Irrefutable video evidence taken by the protesters themselves and the interdependent media prove these are facts not allegations.

Britain's economy would certainly benefit from slaughtering and preparing all meat for export on the hook rather than the hoof.

It's also certain halal meat preparation would be better regulated if carried out in this country.

Ms Birchall and friends could achieve so much more by using using peaceful and political methods of protest rather than allowing mob rule to hinder the progress of serious animal welfare.

Jon Burgess