SIR - Well done to Gary Kibblewhite (Worcester news, November 28) for telling us about the terrible cruelty in the fish industry.

They really are the forgotten victims.

However he seems to think that the Christmas turkey has a good life, I suggest he goes on the Animal Aid website to see how they are reared and slaughtered.

As an animal rights campaigner for 30 years I can assure Gary that we try to help all animals including fish. We have numerous campaigns against fish cruelty. We are trying to persuade supermarkets not to sell prawns that have suffered eyestalk ablation.

Of course the only way to stop food animals suffering is to go vegan. When a living creature becomes a commodity it can never end well. By the way a vegetarian that eats fish is NOT a vegetarian.

It's obvious that Gary feels very strongly about the plight of fish so please join the campaigns at