SIR - Peter Talbot (Worcester News 21st Nov) clearly doesn't see the irony of Worcester City Councillors banning a badger cull or the use of snares.

The City does not control land involving such things so it was merely a publicity stunt, wasting rate payers money.

The original report in the Worcester News was incorrect, picturing two fish hooks attached to a rope rather than an actual snare. It also failed to explain the correct and lawful use of snares.

Mr Talbot supports the Green Party, unfortunately their policies are biased towards animals rights.

The Greens are completely opposed to angling and have plans to bring about it's end. Anglers contributes £3 billion annually to our economy and the sport has more participants than football.

With anglers doing more to prevent water pollution than any other group, this is one Green Party policy that is not so green.

Similarly the Greens would ban shooting but have no ideas about replacing the £250,000,000 and 3,900,000 working days contributed to conservation by the shooting community every year.

The Green Parties notion regarding food production will see prices rise and availability fall.

Preventing crop protection by growers and returning farming to a system based on "small-scale'' and ''free-range units" will not go far when it comes to feeding the 60 million people in this country.

Jon Burgess