Sir - So Ben Skilbeck, of the Worcestershire Hunt, hopes that "in 100 years these hounds will still meet in Pershore and the horses will be as well cared for as they are today" ("Thousands gather for traditional hunt meet", WN, December 27th).

It's interesting that "master huntsman" Skilbeck didn't mention the care of the hounds and I'm wondering if that's because he is well aware that many thousands of these dogs are put to death by hunts in the UK every year.

Hounds are often killed as pups if it is decided they are unsuitable for hunting or by the age of seven, when they have outlived their usefulness to the hunt.

This means that if hunts are still meeting in 100 years, about half a million of their hounds will have been shot, or killed by other methods, in that time.

I'm wondering how many people would have gathered for hunt meets on Boxing Day had they been aware of this appalling situation, which is yet another reason why the current "ban" on hunting is woefully inadequate and why it should be strengthened so hunts are not allowed to operate at all.

Jane Hargreaves