Sir - The contribution to the hunting debate by Jane Hargreaves (Worcester News 3rd January) is completely out of touch with reality.

She alleges over the next 100 years half a million hounds will be "put to death".

An horrendous number but behind the propaganda anyone can see her sums don't add up.

The truth is, nationally there are about fifteen thousand hounds in kennels. To put down the massive number she claims would mean disposing of at least five thousand or one third of all hounds every year.

Without question this would certainly make keeping any pack of hounds totally impossible.

Before the hunting ban came into force , senior members of Worcestershire RSPCA committee visited the Worcester Hunt Kennels.

During their inspection they carefully studied the hound breeding records which date back to the mid-eighteen hundreds.

At no time have they ever raised questions about the health or lifespan of the hounds.

Strengthening the Hunting Act as demanded by Ms Hargreaves will lead to two things - increased animal suffering and placing all dog owners in danger of prosecution should their pet merely chase a mouse.

Jon Burgess