The news that Kraft, the American owners of Cadbury’s have changed the recipe of Crème Eggs is a disgrace.

The decision to water down the chocolate and change the ingredients really shows, in a rather simplistic way, just how wrong the decision to allow the American take-over of this iconic British company really was.

Cadbury’s have been manufacturing Crème Eggs since the 1920’s, we know things cannot stay the same forever, but this product has only previously changed for improvements, to benefit the consumer to make them taste better.

These new changes are based on economic greed, to make the cost of production cheaper and to sell it to the consumer at the same price and for a higher profit.

When Kraft purchased Cadbury’s they had no idea of the special place the company has had in British culture and society, Bourneville is the historic home of British chocolate.

It was always a business with principles, it cared for its workers, it ensured they were well paid, housed and cared for and it had strong sense of compassion and charity.

Cadbury’s respected their customers and did not take them for granted. Kraft continue to show by their actions that they don’t understand and don’t care about the brand they have acquired.

I urge a peoples boycott of these new Crème Eggs, we need to tell Kraft that Cadbury’s belongs to Britain and we need to use our economic power as consumers to make the point in the only way that Kraft will understand.

Richard Udall

County Councillor