Sir - Maurice Brett (Worcester News 19th January) clearly states the local RSPCA visited the Worcester Hunt Kennels in November 2000.

Incredibly on the very same page in the next letter Richard Booker, Chairman of Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire RSPCA, denies the they were ever there!

Mr Brett believes it to be "extraordinary " that ten years after the hunting ban it's still ''dredged'' up.

Employing double standards, he then uses worn out claims for a ban that are in excess of thirty years old. The Hunting Act (2004) was brought about purely for political aims.

Once greatly respected for their work in animal welfare, the RSPCA has allowed itself to become entangled with the politics of animal rights. This has damaged both their finances and reputation.

Many ordinary people have cancelled their membership and ceased making donations.

In 2012 the RSPCA spent a third of a million pounds to prosecute just two men for hunting. Now the Society has been forced to close it's famous animal hospital in Putney and three other clinics in London alone. Surely now is the time to remove party politics from the issue. We need workable legislation that prevents deliberate cruelty.

The Hunting Act could then be repealed and genuine animal welfare make some serious progress.

Jon Burgess