Sir- Mr Richard Booker (Worcester News January 19th) is disingenuous regarding his visit to the Worcestershire Hunt Kennels on Sunday 12th November 2000.

Mr Booker claims it was the League Against Cruel Sports who visited the kennels, but the arrangements were made between Mr Booker as Branch Chairman of Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire RSPCA and myself.

His correspondence being on RSPCA headed paper, signing himself as Chairman. Not once did he mention the League.

The RSPCA team were, Mr Booker, Ms Knittel and Mr Brett. Prior to the inspection Mr Booker was guaranteed complete access to all parts of the kennels, including the hound breeding records which he and Mr Brett certainly examined.

They raised no concerns regarding welfare or life span of the hounds. After a friendly meeting we agreed the visit had been worthwhile.

In 2000 Mr Booker trumpeted his visit to the kennels as some type of victory for animal rights.

Now he clearly wishes to disassociate himself and the RSPCA from the whole event.

Jon Burgess