Sir - Wendy Lawson ("Despicable treatment during Halal slaughter", WN, Feb 6th) is correct to describe the treatment of animals secretly filmed in a Yorkshire halal slaughterhouse as being "outrageous and unbelievably cruel".

However, other investigations by animal welfare groups have also revealed horrific cruelty at non-halal abattoirs and farms, so it's a mistake to think that "OUR laws and standards" offer animals any proper proctection.

This is especially the case when one considers that the vast majority of animals reared for food in this country are kept in appalling factory farm conditions.

But all this suffering and slaughter is totally unnecessary, because we can all live perfectly healthily without meat or any other animal products.

Thankfully more and more people are becoming vegan or vegetarian every year and many others are reducing their consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy out of concern for animals, the environment or their own health.

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Ronald Lee

Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies