Sir - John Phillpott needs to sharpen the aim of his invective.

He is deluded if he believes the Green Party is somehow responsible for solar installations on farmland in Worcestershire (Worcester News, 14th Feb 2015). It was the Tory led Wychavon District Council that approved the application by Solar Planning Ltd for a 60 hectare solar farm on the former RAF Aerodrome at Defford, Besford, last November.

It will be the Tory led Malvern Hills District Council that determines the outstanding application for the solar park on the 75 hectare site at Woodhall Farm, Wichenford.

Although the Green Party broadly favours solar energy generation, given the relatively low efficiency of generation at UK latitudes, solar collectors should only be located where the space can't be used for anything else.

By all means put them urban roofs, municipal and industrial buildings in towns and on farm buildings in the countryside.

However we would rally to his barricade to protect productive arable land, particularly when this is wildlife rich and set within the valued landscapes of our county.

Louis Stephen

Worcester Green Party