Sir - As someone who works in the field of animal protection, I take a keen interest in the policies of the various political parties regarding the treatment of animals.

For this reason I can categorically state that Mr R Harris has got it wrong on at least two of the "commitments" he attributes to the Green Party and he obviously has not looked at their manifesto ("Are Greens for real?", WN, March 18th).

The Green Party does not advocate "human rights for rats", nor is it their policy to "ban the Grand National".

However, the Greens do have excellent policies to protect animals from cruelty and would stop the badger cull, end harmful animal experiments, abolish the fur trade, ban the use of all animals in circuses, strengthen the law against hunting, abolish shooting and snaring, stop live exports and end factory farming.

Plus their strong policies on the environment would help wild animals by protecting and conserving their habitats.

These are commitments that are likely to be popular with the public in a country where most people are strongly opposed to cruelty to animals and I only wish the other parties had the some concern for the welfare of our fellow creatures.

Jane Hargreaves