Sir - A father of three children, who had suffered with depression for 11 years, had his benefits cut and had been threatened with eviction, walked to the fields where he played as a child and hanged himself.

A story from the 19th Century? No, just one of the many stories of the victims of the evil bedroom tax and benefit sanctions (described by a senior Tory Minister as “inhuman”).

Each one is a terrible story, but please remember the children who are left due to tragedies and the Tory policies in general.

The recent Churches report claimed that due to these terrible benefit sanctions, whereby the claimant is left without any money for many weeks, over 93,000 children go hungry for weeks, due to the slightest infringement of the very complex rules.

100 people with mental health problems are sanctioned everyday. A million sanctions where imposed last year.

Child poverty has soared by over 300,000 under this government. 500,000 children live in families unable to feed them properly. This means that many children and their families are treated worse than criminals, where at least in prison they get fed on a daily basis.

Nearly 16% (15.7) of children in Worcestershire live in poverty. In Worcestershire!

Suffer the little children. Well under the “inhuman” Tories children certainly do.

Andrew Dyke,