SIR – After all the reports about the Ketch and Whittington roundabouts and the so-called road improvements in recent months and weeks, until now I have resisted writing my observations.
I fully agree with the comments of the motorists and local residents of the waste of our the taxpayers’ money in their planning which has been by the county highways department (two into one won’t go).
Before the start of the mess we find the road system is in, why did the city and county councils not ask the schools to have a competition of their students to plan the new road system for the city to include another bridge in the city from Tybridge Street, and the northern ring road, as well as the Carrington Bridge and dual carriageway to the Powick roundabout.
I bet that the students would have come up with better ideas than the county highways department, who have so far ignored what the travelling public have witnessed of their fiasco.
I hope now that the county highways department will at last listen and pay heed to what the travelling public are saying to what is needed and to put right the mess that they have already caused in the last year or so.

It’s all about taking cup from Russia
SIR – I do not know about you, but me, I am sick of hearing about Fifa being corrupt. We all realise why the USA became involved in Fifa, in which they have no part, not even playing the game.
The whole thing is being used to attempt to get the 2018 games away from Russia.
It’s that simple! Yes Fifa looks corrupt, and should be dealt with.
But if the USA and the FBI were really interested in punishing corruption then every banker would be in prison. with their
tax-dodging schemes, then the lawyers who twist laws to keep crooks out of jail.
The USA are constantly lying about Russia, and apart from Russia bringing some of its armies to their own borders, just in case USA, EU, Nato, decides to invade.
The president of the Ukraine, who was placed in power by the USA, UK and the EU, by the morons likes of Obama, McCann, Cameron, and everyone’s favourite
granny, Angela Merkel, spouts daily rubbish about Russia.
Do all the media think we are all stupid?

Why such a long time to make improvements
SIR – I just wish to express my concerns on the time being taken to make the road improvements at the bottom of Tolladine Road.
They are causing long daily traffic delays and this week there have been no workmen onsite. They could have built the dual carriageway improvements to the Carrington Bridge in the time taken so far!
Please can this be investigated asap as this is a main access to the city. I am sure people are late for work and children late for school as a result of the delays. Also, more importantly, the emergency services will be affected. I hope that a serious accident does not occur because of drivers’ impatience as I have heard a lot of peeping horns!


That ‘I told you so’ moment has arrived
SIR – It’s not very often one can say “I told you so” but that moment has arrived. Your Comment on February 27 castigated the FA regarding their bid to host the World Cup and praised Fifa to the heavens. Your Comment also poured scorn on the corruption within Fifa, stating that this had been disproved. Oh dear, you must really have a red face today. Will you now print a retraction or hope that your readers have short memories, unlike me who wrote to you pointing out the discrepancies in your column. You didn’t have the courtesy to print my previous letter and I truly doubt you’ll print this one.
Gloating in Evesham.


The end for City if Perdiswell rejected?
SIR – I suggest Mr Humphries checks facts before submit-ting letters. Firstly Mr Duck-worth never offered land to City FC. That land, I believe, belongs to Wanderers RFC.
City FC did once ask about a possible ground share, and I believe were turned down flat. That area is Wychavon council, a rugby committee member once told me if it had been left to City council, they would still be at Battenhall, in the lower reaches.
Perdiswell is an ideal spot
– a sports-designated field that’s underused. Can Mr Humphries suggest an alternative. If Perdiswell is turned down, I fear City FC will be finished in two years.

Spare a thought for poor Bathwick Man
SIR – We saw in Worcester News (Monday) ladies in grand hats and people enjoying themselves at Worcester Racecourse Ladies’ Day event. I notice, however, there was no mention of the poor horse “Bathwick Man” who died on the course after he fell and broke his neck. Last year, eight horses died on Worcester racecourse. How many will die this year so that people can have a fun day out?
If you care about the safety of horses, please don’t bet on races or attend them.

Bring back the 1940s
SIR – My late, great dad had nothing much to hoard, Dave Bradley (Worcester News, June 13) – we were poor but happy.
Bring back the 1940s.