SIR – I was very pleased to read that police have been checking rod licences as part of an operation to stop illegal fishing across the region (“Police check river, but there are no cheats”, Worcester News, June 17).
However, it is fishing as a whole, not just the illegal variety, that we should be concerned about.
Fish are sensitive, aware creatures who experience pain and there is nothing sporting about spearing living animals on a hook, dragging them out of the water and leaving them struggling for life as they suffocate.
Nor is there a need for fish to be caught and killed for food, as we can all live healthily without consuming them or any other animals or animal products.
Thankfully, an increasing number of people are becoming vegan or vegetarian and many others are reducing their consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy out of concern for the animals, the environment or their own health.
My group, Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies, exists to help people switch to a more humane diet and lifestyle.
Communications Officer
Worcestershire Vegans
& Veggies

Hygienic American TV chefs show us the way
SIR – I fully agree with the letter from L M R Presley of Bransford with his observations in your newsletter of June 22 of the lack of cleanliness and hygiene by the British TV chefs and cooks featured on our TV channels – that is except for the programmes featured on Channel 41, which features many American TV cooking programmes.
Their hygiene and cleanliness is far better in that they wash their hands and dry them on paper towels, and they very often wear plastic gloves when and where mixing raw foods is required. My rules for anyone working in a kitchen – be it cafes, pubs or restaurants – are proper white uniforms would be worn, no jewellery would be worn, nail varnish banned and above all gloves should be worn at all times and the food preparation areas to be cleaned after each preparation of food.
Also the biggest mistake that all these TV chefs make is that they cannot tell the difference between solid and wet ingredients. They always refer to dressings as 'a bit of' when they should have said 'a drop', even Mary Berry referred to add 'a bit of oil' when asked a question. I hope that these observations will be taken on board by chefs and cooks that do not already use the correct hygiene and cleanliness which should be used throughout by the caterers of this country.

Pensioners put on the scrapheap by Tories
SIR – I suppose all the regular readers of the Worcester News noticed all MPs are getting a 10 per cent pay rise.
How disgusting, why do they always put themselves first instead of looking after the elderly and disabled who fought for this country.
Mr Cameron will be receive a letter from me forthwith.
There’s an old saying, which I hate, which goes once gone 60 you’re on the scrapheap.
I get a good pension with pension credit as a top up. Come September the government will take off my pension credit. My first thoughts were probably they obviously think I’m being paid too much which will go to the MPs who have been promised a pay rise. I really can’t believe why the government has to take from the elderly, disabled and vulnerable. They’re not Conservatives. More magpies who take, but never give anything back.

Council not fulfilling job of emptying bins
SIR – A short while ago you reported on the litter bins in the city being full and overflowing.
Well there has certainly been no improvement in the areas I see. Very often the bins are full on Fridays and spilling out and around by the time they are emptied on Tuesdays.
Other than the city centre I rarely see any street cleaning either.
Personally I am in favour of the council tax being increased providing we have the promise of better services.

Free school travel to museum a wise move
SIR – Following the splendid comments by Chris Bennett of the Elgar Birthplace Museum, I have a proposal for Councillor Feeney – there is a very obvious way in which the city council could support the museum, and that is to supply free coach travel for any school parties wishing to visit? They might also like to assist with the Museum’s efforts to talk about Elgar in local schools?
Elgar Birthplace Museum volunteer/Elgar Society member
Malvern Link

Plan to plug skills gap
SIR – So there is a skill shortage in this country. So what do the government do? Cut the further education budget. Something does not make sense.