SIR – I have been a resident in Ambleside Drive, Tolladine, for 26 years and I have never experienced traffic disruption on a scale that we have had for several months now.
Frustrated drivers speeding in all directions has made Ambleside Drive a dangerous road, yet I see limited speed restrictions imposed on all routes and minimum signage warning drivers. I struggle to get off my own drive at times, and crossing the road can take ages.
I witnessed a period of a month where the only thing working was the traffic lights. I fully understand the need to upgrade roads and junctions for safety purposes but I am struggling to understand why the main Tolladine Road has been widened and yet as you approach the junction for Ambleside Drive it reverts back to the existing size. This is also hindered by a bus stop just past the junction.
Many people commuting to and from work are held up in traffic chaos. I have been stuck like many others in traffic jams caused by these works stretching back to the roundabouts at Tesco and as far back as the Worcestershire Hospital,
We were told in a letter delivered to homes that the resurfacing works would commence at around 7pm to minimise disruption and yet at 5pm  it took me over 30 minutes to get less than a mile. I personally think that the Worcestershire County Council and working partnership with Griffiths Civil Engineering should have considered the hard working people of this community more and planned the works around peak times to avoid the major and sometimes stressful traffic chaos when most people are just trying to get home after a hard days work.
I think I speak for many in saying that “we will be glad to see the back of these works” and our patience has run out.

Can Cameron be trusted over the EU?
SIR – David Cameron is again playing a dangerous game, with his negotiations over Britain’s continued membership of the EU.
Having discussions in “private” about proposed changes, is more likely to make the public suspicious of his true intentions, and more likely to vote out.
Some of his senior Tories have reacted with anger about these behind closed doors negotiations, and with good cause.
Let’s remember the Conservative party was elected on two major things
– human rights reforms and a referendum on membership of the EU.
Are we to trust this man?

Distaste over a horse race protester
SIR – I do not wish to enter into the politics of the racecourses and its protesters.
On the day in question my wife and I had walked with our 18-month-old granddaughter from St John’s to Gheluvelt Park around the edge of the racecourse.
A lovely time was had in the splash pad and feeding the ducks and we then decided to go to the library for a spot of lunch.
Imagine our distaste when passing the racecourse gates we met  a large loud mouthed man supported by some timid and possibly embarrassed colleagues berating the
He did not even have the courtesy to lower his tone and volume as grandparents and a young child passed by.
I would mention that all the race-goers we passed and saw through the window of the library behaved impeccably and brightened the day up in their ladies day attire.

Don’t bet on sports involving animals
SIR – In just over a fortnight another horse has been killed at Worcester Racecourse (Worcester News, June 24) at a so-called family fun day. Not much fun for the horses.
As for Susannah Gill, of Arena Racing Company, saying that Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies are not a charity has this been said because its charities are literally making a killing from the horses suffering and deaths.
Surely no decent person wants horses to be injured and killed. Please don’t bet on sports involving animals. For more info, please look at

Not such a fun dayfor the children
SIR – What a great day out the children must have had at Worcester Racecourse Family Fun Day last week.
They got to see a horse break its leg and have to be shot and they could mix all day with lots of people gambling.

Suffering in the farming industry
SIR – Many readers will have been horrified at the thought of a dead cow left hanging in full public view (“Farmer: Why I left a dead cow hanging from digger”, Worcester News, June 24).
However, what is far more horrific is that the dairy industry is responsible for the deaths of almost half a million cows every year, mostly killed because of mastitis, lameness or because they have become too worn out to be efficient milk producers.
Dairy cows are normally slaughtered at between five and seven years of age, which is less than one quarter of their natural lifespan.
In addition, about 100,000 male calves are killed annually by the dairy industry at the age of just one or two days old, because they are of no use for milk production.
All this suffering and slaughter because humans want to consume a product that is really meant for calves.
And all so unnecessary, because it is easily possible for us to live without consuming meat, dairy or any other animal products.
Anyone wanting more information on this subject can find it in the campaigns section of the Animal Aid website at

Stop criticism of the road layout
SIR – I would just like to say can we please stop criticising the new road layout at the Ketch. I drive on that road every day and it’s not the road it’s the drivers. If they followed the road layout they’d be okay.
Malvern Link

‘Brutish’ immigrants should be sent back
SIR – In view of the chaotic and violent scenes at Calais, it is time for the government to state clearly there is no entry to Britain, no welfare benefits and no housing for these brutish and aggressive immigrants.
We should then arrange with France to return them all to their native countries.