SIR– Letters from left-wing ex-Labour and now Green David Barlow are always interesting and valuable because they contain so many teachable moments.
One is that Gordon Brown was running a large budget deficit in the middle of a massive boom – not in a recession. He should have been fixing the roof while the sun was shining. Worse, by dividing financial oversight between the Bank of England and the FSA, honouring bankers like Fred the Shed Goodwin and encouraging the Bank to keep interest rates too low he promoted and aided the bankers’ misdeeds.
The massive crisis caused by the Labour/bankers alliance means that even now the economy is far from back to normal. An £80 billion deficit (which means higher taxes), historic low interest rate of 0.5 per cent for six years and £270 billion of quantitative easing seven years after the official end of the recession shows how abnormal and challenging our economic situation is. That none of the Labour leadership candidates understand any of this shows not only that they are unfit to lead, but that Labour’s return to government would be dangerous for our country.

Show organisers must take down old posters
SIR – In Worcester News on July 15 Stephanie Preece told us of the litter problems on the streets of Durham.
She gave us these examples: last night’s takeaway, broken glass, discarded beer bottles or food wrappers. Sadly this problem is also relevant here in Worcestershire.
We could all come up with a long list of other forms of litter. Here is just one: the roadside between Hallow and Worcester (no doubt other roads too) was used to advertise a county show and steam rally in Bromyard for the weekend of July 4 and 5.
The posters were still there today fourteen days after the event finished! Redundant advertising like this is as unsightly and offensive as any other discarded rubbish. The organisers of the country show display little or no respect for our rural environment and seem to be happy to leave behind an untidy country show throughout the county.
They should hang their heads in shame.

Are councillors mature enough to serve us?
SIR – Your report on housing Syrian refugees stated “Some left the Council Chamber in tears.”
Are they sensible and mature enough to serve the Worcestershire locals who elected them?

Daffodils bloom near children’s playground
SIR – In Springtime Droitwich enjoys a display of pheasants’ eye narcissi (Letters, July 16) near the children’s playground in Vines Park.

I’m still here thanks to hospital’s good care
SIR – I’ve had excellent treatment  for cancer by the staff at the QE hospital. in 2006.
I’m still alive, thank god, in 2015!
Thanks to all involved at QE Hospital Birmingham.

The wanton killing of animals is no joke
Sir – In all my years reading the Worcester News, the article this week (Sun 19th July) about the injured gull being lured into the road in Malvern by youths made me sick to the core.
Not just because I consider these “people” sub-human scum  to want to inflict pain and death on an animal ... but the reporting from the Worcester News was equally as abhorrent.
To inject a comedy element to the scenario was bad taste to say the least.
Get a grip, Worcester News. We pay to hear the news by qualified journalists not someone trying to be funny at the attempted murder of an animal.
Sort it out.

Councillors sitting on two councils confusing
Sir –  Peter McDonald’s letter in today’s Worcester News (21 July) arguing against the formation of a unitary authority serving Worcestershire would carry a lot more weight if he weren’t one of the many represent-atives who is sitting on more than one council.
As a council tax payer in the Faithful City I have often found it difficult to understand which councillor to talk to about certain subjects.
Indeed, I was told by one city councillor that I couldn’t possibly talk to her at a hustings about an issue I had because it was a county council issue, only to find out later that she was also a county councillor!
Holding one group of councillors accountable would be far simpler from the electorate’s perspective than having to try to wade through the bureaucratic mess that our councils have created for themselves.

Impressed with Hill Climb and events
Sir – We just felt we needed to share our pleasure regarding the Hill Climb held at the Chateau Impney recently.
We have always attended a lot of outdoor events and were so impressed with the organisation of this one. It makes life so much easier, especially due to the rain we had on the Sunday. We hope that it is going to be held again next year!  We have already told loads of people who would love to attend!
We shall most certainly return. The choice of stalls was great! All prices were reasonable, the auction was interesting and  the people displaying their vehicles were friendly and helpful.
And of course the racing itself was wonderful entertainment.
We also met up with a couple of old friends, one as a spectator and one as a marshal (we are also marshals)!

City-centre home needed for bookshop
Sir – When I returned to live in Worcester last summer I was delighted to find the wonderful Healthy Planet free bookshop in the Cathedral precinct.
It is having to close this week and has found no other shop in the city centre willing to offer a low enough rent for them to relocate.  
With all the empty shops there must surely be someone could let this excellent education charity  continue their valuable work, even on a temporary basis.
Anyone who is encouraging people to read more needs support. Can anybody help?