Sir, - There was a sad inevitability about Councillor John Smith`s decision to fill in the Lich Street archaeological excavations with concrete and make sure that this historic quarter would be destroyed once and for all.
 I think Councillor Lynn Denham summed it up quite accurately – “...they were always intending to cover it up what ever was found there..”
It is now too late – backfilling with concrete is going to prove a massive handicap for future generations of archaeologists who might, given the opportunity, have wished to extend the investigations to really understand our past.
But it need not have been so and if any reader wishes to see what a more enlightened council can achieve – look no further than the historic gateway in the centre of Gloucester which can be viewed from pavement level (it is outside the central Boots store.)
Given the proclivity of the county highways department to redesign road layouts surely they could have reworked the Cathedral Plaza road to enable even a limited section of Lich Street to be saved?
But to do so there would have to have been from the outset a real desire to achieve something of lasting value and while I am sure tourists will wish to flock to our city to sample the seven new restaurants, perhaps they might have been better encouraged had they also been able to see something of our rich past!
Next time, investigate and excavate and then design the road or development - please!

Filling city centre shops a better plan
Sir - The City Council will soon be considering whether the proposed Worcester Woods new shopping centre should be located at the edge of our city in land located between the hospital and the ring road near the livestock market.
The Green Party, along with many local residents and the Federation of Small Businesses, is objecting to the plan because of the negative effects on our existing local traders operating from the city centre.
The effect of previous out-of-town shopping centres is plain to see: just look at the effect that the Merry Hill shopping centre had on local shops on high streets in Dudley and Stourbridge.
Worcester has massive potential to build a vibrant local economy with smaller independent shops providing local employment where the profits are recycled back into the local economy.
For a start, we could fill the many empty shop units in the city centre.
The Green Party has a vision for a prosperous city centre with smaller independent local shops that are attractive to both local shoppers and tourists alike – this new out-of-town shopping centre will mean the end of this.
If you share our concerns, please visit to find a convenient link to the council planning website where you can add your name to the many objections.
Worcester Green Party

Such tight control of national debt not vital
 Sir - Neil Laurenson (Letters, 21.7.’15) was absolutely right to take you to task for recording, with approval, that “we British see [austerity] as vital for our future”.
Per capita income has grown, in real terms, by around 40% during the last 250 years.
Yet no reputable economics historian has ever claimed that a key driver has been tight control of the national debt.
At present the level stands at  80% of GDP (actually a much higher level than Chancellor Osborne, serially but erroneously, predicted). That is still lower, proport-ionally, than it has been during 200 of the last 250 years. It cannot be stated often enough that austerity is a political choice; not a necessity.
 Importantly, our woeful trade balance, productivity and investment receive little or no attention from this appalling Government, whose overarching and all-encompassing policy is simply to slash the size of the state, leaving a rich and very small minority to become rapidly richer.
It is a national scandal that the Tories have been allowed to get away with this deceit, not because of a general gullibility, but because the 85% of the national press which is Tory-supporting and owned by wealthy “barons” who have mounted an unprecedented and remorseless campaign of cynical dishonesty during these last few years.
Some might call this brainwashing, so pronounced and profound has been its effect on our national life.

Unions may decide to back split from EU
Sir - It appears that Britain’s biggest Trade Union could switch sides and campaign to leave the EU depending on how David Cameron uses his renegotiations with Brussels.
The threat from Len McCluskey, Unite’s General Secretary is the strongest sign yet of the disquiet on the Left  about Britain’s place in Europe.
This has been stirred up by the EU’s treatment of Greece and by Mr Cameron’s plans to renegotiate the terms of UK’s membership of the EU before having a referendum.
 Times could not be more interesting.

Not all charities fund animal experiments
 Sir - In recent issues of the Worcester News there have been several articles about good people fundraising for various charities connected with health and medical research.
Everybody wants to see medical progress, but an increasing number of people are refraining from donating to such charities, because they fear their money will be used to fund animal experiments.
Some of these charities do fund animal tests, but many do not, so it is possible for people to donate to health and research charities without fear that their money will be used to harm animals.
Instead of not giving to any health charities, members of the public can find out whether or not such charities fund animal experiments by consulting a list put together by animal protection group Animal Aid. This can be found at or a printed version can be obtained by calling Animal Aid on 01732 364546.