SIR – I read with some interest Jack Bennett’s letter on hounds and initially believed it to be a piece of irony. I’m still not sure.
However , just in case he was serious, I was reared in the country and am not I think either ignorant or disgusting.
All puppies are attractive whatever breed they are, but adult hounds in general do not make good pets after they retire. Does Mr. Bennett run a retirement home for these sweet retired doggies? Pipe and bone by the fireside? What does he think happens at the end of their working life?
If all that huntspersons are doing is having fun keeping up with the hounds who are chasing the fox then they can have just as much fun drag hunting surely?
 I too have stood as a young teenager amongst a pack of hounds at a hunt kennels and their gentle natures was certainly not the first thing that sprang to my mind. However the industry that is hunting with dogs does not have to suffer if drag hunting takes its place.
The romantic notion of hunting has long since lost its attraction as is evidenced by the 74 per cent of the population who do not wish the act to be changed. Are we all ignorant , disgusting and dreadful?
I’m still not sure if your letter was irony.

We need to put an end to farce that is the EU
SIR – I was bemused recently to read how many MEPs regularly bother to attend debates. They were called to Strasbourg to discuss intellectual property rights. Only nine turned up and spent a total of five minutes to debate the issue.
MEPs and British businesses have been pushing for the European Commission to take a tougher stand on intellectual property rights. UKIP MEP Jonathon Arnott described the image of the empty chamber to illustrate the sham of the EU.
Speaking to the Daily Express Mr Arnott added: “I thought I would try to let the wider world know what a farce this is. By the start of the second debate there were only six MEPs left in the chamber and there were five minutes allocated for the debate. Of course decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats and just rubber-stamped We pay a ridiculous £55 million per day to be part of the EU when we should be making decisions affecting our lives in the UK.
We can swiftly judge the flavour of a democracy by its decision-making; the European Parliament once saw an MEP wedge a baguette somewhere and retire having carried out his responsibilities as he saw them. No comment needed.

BT had the nerve to ask me for 25p
SIR, Over the telephone I purchased a telephone from BT, to stop nuisance calls I was told it was £45 or I could have £2.79 on my monthly bill. I said yes on my bill would be fine. The telephone arrived on Friday, I did not take the wrapping off until Monday morning and then seeing the model of the phone, it was of no use to me as I have very bad arthritis in my hands.
I telephoned BT to ask how I return it? After one hour and five minutes, having spoken to eight people all not having a clue, I finally spoke to a person who could help I asked him how do I return it and an address. He told me “I would have to pay £49” I asked what for and he said I “had broken the contract” I said “what contract?” no one mentioned a contract to me. I said “I may be a pensioner but I am all there.” He then said they would take off the £49, but “I would have to pay one days rental. How much is that I asked? 25p was the answer. With all the profits BT makes, I think this is disgusting. He said he would send me a return label to return the telephone. This is all I wanted in the first place. I had been on my telephone one hour and twenty five minutes, then BT had the nerve to ask for 25p.

Not all charities fund animal experiments
SIR – It’s wonderful that in these days of austerity so many caring people are still keen to raise funds and make donations towards charitable causes, as evidenced by several articles in recent editions of the newspaper.
However, according to a National Opinion Poll, 82 per cent of those asked said they would not donate to health charities that fund animal experiments.
This has created a situation where many people no longer give money to any health charities for fear it may be used to pay for experiments on animals.
However, not all health charities fund animal tests, so it’s possible for
people to support many such charities without fear that their money will be used to harm animals.
Instead of not giving to any health charities, members of the public can find out whether or not such charities fund animal experiments by consulting a list put together by animal protection group Animal Aid.
This can be found at or a printed version can be obtained by calling Animal Aid on 01732 364546.
Communications Officer
Wyre Forest Vegans & Veggies

Angels came to my aid outside the Angel
SIR – Whilst walking in town on Friday July 17, I had a fall outside the Angel Chef, opposite Tramps. Before I knew it, a young lady, whom I later was told was an auxiliary nurse came rushing to my aid. She had another lady with her and they both calmed me down, made me comfortable and cleaned my wound above my eye. I would just like to thank them for what they did. I’m sure they had things to do but they put them on hold to attend to me and I am so grateful and thankful for that. It just goes to show that there are some really nice people out there.
Once again, thank you.

Why should we pay for non contributors?
SIR – A question for Worcester homelessness services.
Why should taxpayers fork out at least £250 a week to house, feed, clothe and entertain EU nationals at two local homeless hostels, who are clearly not here to work or contribute to Britain.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone’s human rights by asking this pertinent question.