SIR – Your Comment of August 21, “Let’s make more use of racecourse”, asks how “wonderful would it be” to see Worcester Racecourse used more often for events like the successful concert by rock band James.
And you are correct, of course, that “families are crying out for events that are suitable for all ages, and that do not involve an inconvenient journey outside the city”.
So let’s see the cruel horse racing industry banished from Pitchcroft and this important green space used entirely for enjoyable, positive and humane activities that do not involve the suffering and slaughter of animals.
Now that, indeed, would be truly wonderful!


Changes in peoples’ political priorities
SIR – I read with interest a recent review looking into the reasons for the collapse of Labour’s support in its traditional areas in England and Wales set against the rise of Ukip, in a poll by YouGov of a panel of 3,000 of English and Welsh voters. The result divided the population into three main value groups.
The first was described as the Pioneers who make up 34 per cent of voters. They are spread evenly through different age groups. They are socially liberal and altruistic. Their priorities are to improve their social status and material wealth. They value the trappings of success and the esteem of others. They have little interest in politics. They vote pragmatically and tend to be young.
The second group is the Prospectors who make up some 35 per cent. They are socially conservative.
The third group is described as the Settlers who eschew risk and like stability. They are twice as likely to be from socio-economic groups DE and AB, are more likely to mention immigration, toughness on welfare, standing up for the country, Europe (either a referendum or pulling out) and fiscal responsibility. They are concerned about immigration., jobs, wages, services, provision, housing and welfare, loss of culture and community, are patriotic, also socially conservative and concerned with family. They value safety, their cultural identity and traditional rules and social order. They tend to be older and make up 29 per cent of voters.
Ninety-one per cent of Ukip voters agree that : “There are too many foreigners in the country compared with 40 per cent of Labour voters. Fifty-five per cent believe that Europe is the most important issue facing the country compared to 17 per cent of Labour voters . Eighty-seven per cent agree that: “Criminals should be punished with maximum prison sentences compared to 62 per cent of Labour voters. On welfare 79 per cent agreed that : “Our welfare system is too generous to people who are not prepared to work for a living compared to 40 per cent of Labour voters.
It is Ukip which has benefitted from Labour’s collapse. The poll concludes that Labour needs to reconnect with the whole of the country otherwise it will become a minority party of sectional interests and cease to be a national political force.
I welome such vital changes in peoples’ priorities.

Contributions to the UK from migrants
SIR – Re: Clive Smith (‘Migrants rich in contribution to UK’).
“What a rich positive contribution that the latest wave are making to this country” he writes in your newspaper.
Does he personally know each individual to make such a bold sweeping statement?
Will he still be saying the same when the next ‘wave’ enters the UK?

Preserving cenotaph in the church grounds
SIR – Over the last two years there have been a number of commemorations and celebrations remembering the fallen and survivors in the two world wars.
At All Saints Church, Bromsgrove we have always taken great pride in, and taken great care of the cenotaph in our grounds that records the names of the fallen in our local area.
Unfortunately our local vandals do not agree with that sentiment. The war memorial in the Grounds of All Saints Church originally had four metal plaques, one on each side. One has been stolen, one has been so badly damaged we can’t remove it without causing further damage to the stone work. The remaining two have been taken off and have been put in All Saints Church for safe keeping.
We had a gentleman come from the council, which has responsibility for conservation of war memorials and monuments. He came to inspect what remained of our memorial. He felt that the remaining plaques could possibly be mounted and displayed within the church. Unfortunately we do not have the funds at the moment as we have an ongoing responsibility to maintain the fabric of the church and we have a pressing need for other work and maintenance.
We have had comments from the public on the upkeep of our memorial. I would like to reassure everyone in the area that we take that responsibility very seriously and will do what is possible to preserve our memorial to the fallen.
Church Warden
All Saints Church

Cancer research with no harm to animals
SIR – I was interested to read about Cancer Research UK’s new campaign for folks to leave them gifts in their wills (“Gift in your will can help defeat cancer”, WN, Aug 24).
However, because CRUK funds experiments on animals, this campaign may have only limited success, in the light of a National Opinion Poll, where 82 per cent of those asked said they would not donate to health charities that finance animal tests.
Happily, there is an alternative for people who wish to fund cancer research without harming animals. This is the Dr Hadwen Trust whose website is