SIR – The illegal migrants who flew through Greece, dashed across the Balkans, fought with Hungarian police, then walked to Austria are now welcomed in Mrs Merkel’s Germany. Talk is of 800,000 this year and 500,000 for a few years thereafter.
Presumably Mrs Merkel knows where she’ll house the migrants, who will provide the jobs they will expect and who will feed them if they can’t work. One presumes German schools/surgeries/police have the resources and that the schools will teach the kids German. Has this ‘come ye come all’ attitude been thought through or even put to the populace? Historic guilt, it seems, makes a nation do strange things.
If Merkel is happy for hundreds of thousands of un-vetted migrants to arrive in Germany, then fine. When she starts to struggle, don’t be surprised.
Let’s leave the German-driven EU failure behind. Let the UK parliament decide who can and can’t come here. That’s what we elected it for. We can figure out who needs work and who needs safety, who our economy needs and who it doesn’t. We’re a nation of good persons, capable of doing the right thing, as we did for decades without top-down EU diktat. We must be compassionate, but let’s manage migration ourselves based on our economy’s needs and our means to accommodate, not by a desire for plaudits.
If control of one’s borders, economy and future is good enough for Americans, Brazilians, Indians, Russians, Africans, Aussies then it’s good enough for me. Let’s leave the EU.
UKIP Worcester

We are all part of the human family
SIR – I’m writing this letter because I have heard that our local district council, by a Conservative majority have rejected the request to house Syrian Refugees in Worcestershire. 
To my mind this is appalling, and I would like to register my public outrage at the inhumanity of this refusal. 
I would like to ask the question of those counsellors who who blocked this request how it would be for them if the faces of those people who have been displaced by war were the faces of their wife, their children or their grandchildren, would they refuse to help them? 
In my view we are all members of the same family, the human family. If we can accept and use oil from the far east, goods from China and any other amount of foreign countries why can’t we WELCOME our brothers and sisters from their war-torn land. We are almost certainly contributing to their displacement with the UK featuring highly in the arms trade. 

Thanks for donation to maritime cadets
SIR – On Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30, the Maritime Cadet Association held a street collection in Worcester. 
The proceeds of this collection amounted to £537.39. We would like to thank everyone who donated and also the shop keepers for their support. 
As a voluntary organisation and registered charity every penny raised will be used for the benefit of the cadets, helping to buy training equipment, canoes, tents etc. As an independent Cadet Organisation we don’t receive any funding from the MOD and therefore rely on the generosity of the general public. Anyone who wants to find out more information about Maritime Cadets should look at our website
We are always interested in hearing from anyone over 18 years of age who may be interested in joining us as an instructor, or from boys and girls aged eight to 18 years who may be interested in becoming a cadet. There are also details on the website for anyone who may wish to support us by making a donation.
Thank you again for your generosity and support.
Captain, Maritime Cadets

Leave the lovely badgers alone
SIR – How dare Mr Presley say badgers are vermin and should be shot. These lovely creatures have as much right as he has to be here. TB has been around for many years. Does he think culling them would stop it? No. What a wicked man.
Also the farmers and milk prices have nothing to do with badgers it’s the greedy supermarkets to blame for that.
Why is it animals get blamed for all the diseases. Man is the biggest disease in the world today.
If it’s not the badgers it’s the poor foxes or seagulls.
As for Brian May good for him. As well as thousands more like him and me, we stand by what we believe in, leave the animals alone. 
The cattle, as Mr Presley says, has to go to be slaughtered if they get TB. What you must remember is that is what they are bred for anyway, for meat eaters probably like Mr Presley so what is the difference.
The poor cows still die which ever way. Shame on you Mr Presley.

BBC nearly made us die from laughing
SIR – The One Show (BBC 1) played extracts from warnings that nuclear war had started, then lots of comedy shows – so we should all die laughing. Ho! Ho! Ho!